Louvelle Dance

post-discipline arts company currently based in Dorset.

Original text for recent dance film by Louvelle Dance, which will be shown at the Cornish film festival in the experimental film section.

Adams Ale.

Because she had gone and eaten the apple, our father said she needed to wash herself from head to toe, as there wasn’t room for people who were dirty, like the animals who roamed outside in our neat, tidy and shiny house.

Our father, well he was a stickler for cleanliness!


 In his bed I let his serpent enter me, but in his eyes my body, my breasts, arms, fingers, neck, stomach, mouth, legs and behind where tainted and used, the sheen of the new had gone and like that I was second-hand and rusty in his eyes.

Her breasts were like apples, ready to be eaten, calling him to become corrupted by their consumption, asking to be polished up!



The apple in his mother’s eye, it was always there, twinkling, mocking, beckoning and taking her away.

text by Emma Louvelle

Rehersal for A is for Apple performed at Concourse Dartington March 2010.
Performers Emma Louvelle, Josephine Van Rheenen, Kerstin Mollier and Stephanie Richards.
Choreographer Alys North
The piece was performed to text by Beth Sebresni and Kate Rolinson.
Beth and Kate created six alphabets representing six stages of life.